Meet the Academy team

Academy is a family owned business operating Australia wide under the leadership of Natalie Kelly.

We have a large team of talented staff who help you get the quality of products you deserve.

About Academy School Photography and Production

Academy Photography is a family owned and operated business and have more than 30 years of experience in photographing schools across Australia. Academy has offices in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Academy was one of the first companies in the world to use digital technology in school photography. We have since changed the face of the industry by providing the latest technologies to schools; not only our photography services but also design, printing and student attendance software services.

We provide in house services and products to make sure schools have peace of mind that the service we provide is of high quality.

We’re Eco-Friendly – it’s worth it for your students’ future

Climate change and the environment are some of the biggest issues facing us today. We must all be accountable for our own carbon footprint and as a manufacturing business we are taking action to reduce the environmental impact of the production and distribution of our products. Academy Photography has set its vision and is committed to our policy for Eco-Friendly products and work practices and will continue investing and working towards creating a more sustainable industry.

Our Eco-Friendly policy encompasses all aspects of our company and requires the continual review, modifying, changing and implementing of new processes, products and equipment. We have implemented and continue to pursue environmental initiatives which incorporate processes and practices into day to day operations that improve the environmental performance and reduce our carbon footprint.

Conserving water

Recirculating onsite water solutions and the use of waterless processes has helped reduce our water consumption in our printing process.

Clean air

Our digital printing process and equipment filters and purifies exhausted air before released back into the environment.

Conserving energy

Reducing artificial lighting, air conditioning and operation time on all equipment helps us conserve energy. Reducing frequency of travel with combination of meetings also aids in reducing our energy footprint.

Reducing waste

Paper waste, ink and chemical containers and recycled and reused. Residue oils and chemicals are contained and heavy metals are removed on site to help us reduce waste.

Green suppliers

Our environmentally friendly stock materials are manufactured from sustainable forests and have an archival life rating.