Academy’s yearbook design process

Here at Academy we are proud to have a talented team of in-house designers who can work with you to create your school a yearbook you can be proud of. The process is simple and ensures that we deliver quality product every time!

School publications, particularly a yearbook, are such an integral part of your schools history, and it’s incredibly important that you get it right. At Academy, whilst we are more than happy to just print your yearbook, our abilities go so much further than that.
We have a professional design and publication team who work together to create you a yearbook to be proud of.

Because we design, print and box onsite, we are also able to guarantee a high quality product at an incredibly cost effective price.

Establishing your style

Decide on your style ie font, columns, header and footer, theme, etc.

First draft and proofing

Provide draft material to be roughly placed on pages to ensure nothing missed.

Polish content and design

All final elements to be implemented and created to final design style and format.

Amendments and corrections

Any amendments or corrections to content to be supplied.

Final approval and print

Final proofing approval of book. Sent to print and bind and be delivered within 15 working days.

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